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My Promise

No annual contract 

No monthly fees

Free remote access app with push notification included

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  1. No monthly fee for storage of recordings or remote access.

  2. Free AXIS App for remote access, including motion detection notification via e-mail or push notification (iPhone, Androit).

  3. Reliable cable (CAT6, fiber) or WiFi infrastructure

  4. One-hour free expert consultation* from an AXIS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL for residential buildings.                                  *expires on Dec. 23rd 2019

  5. Cutting edge, innovative technology based on open IP standards: IP network cameras, IP audio integration, IP radar detection, IP access control, sound detection, IP infrared LED-lighting. 

  6. 3-5 year warranty on hardware
    and installation.

Our cameras



   conventional camera

     AXIS Q1798-LE       

It is not just about the resolution of your camera 

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