Security Solutions
for Your Industry



Several airports have chosen Axis network video solutions to meet their tough surveillance needs. With the market’s broadest range of IP cameras, we enable cost-effective monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas. You get a future-proof and flexible surveillance solution that can grow with your needs.

Banking & Financial Services

From skimming to hacking, from robbery to fraud – the security threats to financial institutes are numerous and continually evolving. With Axis' and 2N's solutions for video security and access control we deliver enhanced security in banking with network video and audio solutions that are agile and comprehensive.

Commercial & Real Estate

​One of the key benefits of combining the newest technologies with analytics is more robust security. Not only does better connected video surveillance protect your premises from suspicious behavior. Network door station management secures authorized staff entry and exit.

  • Prevent vandalism and property destruction

  • Prevent break-in and theft

  • Detect trespassing and loitering

  • Identify and capture altercations

  • Identify persons of interest


  • avoid production delays

  • ensure safety of workers and visitors

  • protect your construction site from loss, vandalism, theft, trespassing, intruders

  • allow remote supervising saving time and money

  • provide video evidence for insurance and legal purposes

Critical Infrastructure

A single, smart Axis surveillance system can go far beyond physical security and address all key aspects of critical infrastructure protection, from safe workforce and environment to uninterrupted operations and secure sites. Intrusion, interruption, injury. These are the main threats to productivity, profitability, and employee safety in critical operations.


An integrated security solution from Axis gives you maximum protection for students, staff, and school property, but it also offers operational and educational benefits. Our connected video surveillance, audio, and access control technology give you better visibility, better control and better communication across your school district or campus.

Energy & Utilities

Throughout the entire process of generating and distributing power, you need the right tools to keep production flowing, to maintain safety, and to mitigate security threats. Whether power is generated from wind, solar, nuclear, water, biofuels, natural gas, or coal, the mission critical function of the energy industry demands a stable and reliable flow of power.

Food & Agriculture

Industry regulations and mandatory procedures demand compliance and quality throughout the food production chain. Axis supports the food, dairy, beverage, and agricultural industries with smart solutions based on innovative technology. Cultivation, preparation, storage, packing, and transportation – it’s crucial that everything is handled safely and precisely.


Axis video surveillance and connected technology help keep your hospitals safe and secure from workplace violence, theft, and drug diversion, but they don’t stop there. Healthcare facilities the world over have long trusted Axis to protect people and property. But now more than ever, technology also helps you treat more patients with fewer resources – safely and efficiently. 

Law Enforcement - First Responders

From preventing crimes to investigating them, law enforcement teams face tough pressure from the public, media, and politicians. You’re expected to be able to react to, respond to, and resolve crimes, despite limited budgets and resources. Axis scalable network video and audio solutions can contribute to all these duties. They combine innovative, high quality hardware with intelligent analytics to deliver a new way of coordinating and supporting your officers. 

Restaurant & Bar

Our network surveillance solutions provide the platform for you to deliver better customer experience in your restaurants. Our hardware lets you discreetly cover all areas of your properties. With support from analytics you can automatically identify blocked emergency exits, aggressive or suspicious behavior and more – letting you take action to avoid the kinds of security incidents that can damage your reputation.  .


Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of malls, network video with analytics and audio make a noticeable improvement in your bottom line. We offer solutions to improve your business, daily operations, security and customer experience within:  Food & grocery stores, pharmacy and drugstores, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores and gas stations, fashion and specialty stores, etc.

Smart Cities

In a smart city, you connect people, data, and devices to create a better place to live. Together with Axis we deliver scalable, innovative camera and IoT solutions, and use Axis' industry-leading expertise and experience to bring your city together. Using innovative technology improves efficiency, public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.