People Counter for re-opening after COVID-19 lockdown

Our Solution: 
smart, video based, cost-efficient

On May 12, 2020 the California Department of Public Health published re-open guidelines for retail:

“Adjust maximum occupancy rules based on the size of the facility to limit the number of people in a store at one time, using no more than 50% maximum occupancy. Be prepared to queue customers outside while still maintaining physical distance, including through the use of visual cues.”

With our solution you can manage your occupancy limits in real-time. Our smart, video based and cost-efficient people counter is placed above the entrance (Image-1). At the entry you will have a screen (Image-2, Image-3).

Depending on the number of people being in the store, the screen will show a red "STOP" overlay when the limit is reached, or a green "GO" overlay when customers may enter your store. The overlays can be customized to your needs. An optional speaker can play a customized message when the maximum entries exceeds.

As you won't need employees to manage access control you will save money.

AXIS People Counter

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