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AXIS C8110 Audio Bridge (01/22) coming soon

Versatile audio link

AXIS C8110 Network Audio Bridge is a smart solution for connecting and combining analog and digital audio systems. With this scalable and cost-efficient product, you can connect analog audio sources to Axis network speaker system, connect digital audio sources to an analog speaker system, or combine analog and digital speaker systems to act as one. Based on open standards, the audio bridge is easily integrated with other systems. It is small, easy to place, and easy to connect using Power over Ethernet.

Key features are:

  • Combines analog and network audio systems

  • Get the benefit of network audio

  • PoE for easy installation

  • Based on open standards

  • Easy integration with other IT systems


Outdoor 2 MP dome with IR and deep learning

Featuring Lightfinder 2.0, Forensic WDR, and OptimizedIR, AXIS P3265-LVE delivers excellent image quality and forensic usability under any light conditions. Based on the latest Axis system-on-chip (SoC) with a deep learning processing unit, it enables advanced features and powerful analytics based on deep learning on the edge. And with AXIS Object Analytics preinstalled, it offers highly nuanced object classification and fast search in the VMS. This robust, outdoor-ready camera features audio and I/O connectivity so you can integrate other peripheral equipment such as a microphone to enable audio analytics. Furthermore, with built-in cybersecurity features such as Axis Edge Vault, it prevents unauthorized access and safeguards your system.

Key features are:

  • Excellent image quality in 2 MP

  • Lightfinder 2.0, Forensic WDR, and OptimizedIR

  • Analytics with deep learning

  • Audio and I/O connectivity

  • Built-in cybersecurity features

AXIS Q1715 boxed camera

High performance with endless options

AXIS Q1715 delivers HDTV 1080p at 60 fps and 21x optical zoom for all the details. With a deep learning processing unit, it’s possible to take advantage of intelligent tailor-made applications based on deep learning on the edge. It comes with AXIS Object Analytics for highly nuanced object classification and reliable detection with fewer false positives. And, it provides analytics metadata based on deep learning on the edge. Lightweight in design, it’s easy to install in accessory housings and casings. It offers support for 2-way audio and supervised I/O. Furthermore, it features built-in cybersecurity features to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system.

Key features are:

  • 1080p at 60 fps with 21x zoom

  • Support for analytics with deep learning

  • Granular object classification

  • Ideal for accessory housings and casings

  • HDMI and HD-SDI output

2N IP Style Intercom Door Station

Winner of the 2021 CE Pro BEST Product Award at CEDIA Expo.

Enhance your projects with an intercom which can handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams and has a 5 MPx chip. It supports WDR and provides colour image, even in low light conditions. The extreme brightness of the display guarantees excellent readability, even in direct sunlight. You will also captivate users with the immediate response and smooth animations. Rely on our evolutionary WaveKey technology. We successfully opened the door 15,000 times using 100 different phones. So we are sure that in 98% of cases we open the door in less than 1 second. Don’t be fooled by the fully glazed surface. The 2N® IP Style can easily resist heavy rain, a dusty environment, and even attacks by vandals. Select from 2 different ways of displaying the intercom’s user interface. You'll satisfy the specifics of apartment or office buildings and tweak the user experience to perfection.

Key features are:








AXIS Q1656-LE (10/21) comming soon

Outdoor-ready box camera based on latest Axis system-on-chip (SoC)

Axis Communications announces a high-performance box camera offering premium Q-line functionality and exceptional video quality even in poor light. This water-resistant, weatherproof camera includes a built-in wiper to guarantee great images even in snow and rain. Based on the latest Axis system-on-chip (SoC), AXIS Q1656-LE offers support for advanced features and powerful applications based on deep learning on the edge. It includes AXIS Object Analytics for highly nuanced object classification and reliable detection with fewer false positives.  Furthermore, with support for AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) version 4, Axis enables innovation on Axis AI-based edge devices and strengthens its commitment towards computer-vision-based solutions. Featuring a 1/1.8” sensor, this high-performance box camera offers impressive performance with 4 MP resolution at up to 60 fps. It includes Lightfinder 2.0 to capture outstanding forensic images in low light scenes. Additionally, with selectable IR wavelength, it’s possible to choose between covert or semi-covert LED illumination.

Key features are:

  • Exceptional images with 1/1.8” sensor

  • Support for analytics with deep learning

  • Enhanced security features

  • Premium Axis Q-line camera functionality

  • Built-in wiper for snow and rain

  • TPM, FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified


AXIS Q3538-LVE/Q3536-LVE (09/21) comming soon

Advanced domes based on ARTPEC-8 SoC with deep learning

Featuring an innovative IR-shielded dome, these dome cameras prevent reflections from dust, rain, and snow to deliver sharp images every time. Axis OptimizedIR guarantees clear images even in complete darkness. Additionally, Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR ensure true colors and great detail in challenging light or near darkness. AXIS Q3538-LVE offers outstanding image quality and forensic details in superior 4K resolution. And AXIS Q3536-LVE offers 4 MP resolution and is available with a choice of lenses: a wide 9 mm lens for wide-area surveillance and a tele 29 mm lens for surveillance from a distance. Including AXIS Object Analytics, they offer highly nuanced object classification and reliable detection with fewer false positives.

Key features are:

  • Outstanding image quality in 4 MP/ 4K

  • Support for analytics with deep learning

  • Shielded dome to prevent IR reflections

  • Built-in cybersecurity features

  • Variant available with wide or tele lens

  • TPM, FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified


AXIS Q6315-LE PTZ (06/21)

High-end outdoor HDTV 1080p PTZ camera with quick-zoom and laser focus

AXIS Q6315-LE features very light-sensitive ½” inch sensor to deliver clear, bright images and better handling of shadows even in challenging light conditions. Including IR Illumination and D/N functionality, it’s perfect for surveillance in pitch darkness without the need for additional lighting. With 31x optical zoom, a built-in laser, and quick-zoom functionality, AXIS Q6315-LE allows you to easily follow fast-moving objects. Plus, it offers laser focus for precise focus– every time. It’s possible to mount this camera in AXIS Q6100-E allowing for continuous 360° rotation for total situational awareness. And, because it uses the same bracket, power supply, and network cable as AXIS Q6100 you get cost-efficient installation. Furthermore, Zipstream with support for H.264 and H.265 significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

Key features are:

  • 1/2" sensor with 31x optical zoom

  • IR illumination, D/N functionality

  • Autotracking 2, orientation aid and AXIS Object Analytics

  • Laser focus for precise focus with Quick-zoom <1sec

  • TPM, FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified


Broadcast-quality 4K PTZ camera

This highly versatile PTZ camera includes both HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs, allowing you to connect to most professional video switchers. With a VISCA RS-232 based control system, the camera can easily be integrated with your existing AV installations. And, with VISCA over IP it allows for remote control of multiple cameras via a LAN connection. Furthermore, for simple or mobile installations, the included 3-month Camstreamer trial license lets you live stream to streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live directly from the camera over an IP network. You can also use any major video management software or just connect it via a web browser.

Key features are:

  • UHD 4K at 30 fps and 20x zoom

  • Broadcast-quality audio with XLR inputs

  • VISCA and VISCA over IP support

  • Camstreamer 3-month trial included

  • 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs


Panoramic camera for seamless, 180° coverage

AXIS Q3819-PVE is perfect when you need wide area coverage. With 14 MP resolution, this multisensor camera offers seamless stitching of all four images to deliver a seamless 180° panoramic overview of extensive areas and excellent image usability. You get 180° horizontal coverage and 38° vertical coverage. Additionally, it can be used with AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° overview. This multisensor camera offers smart pairing with Axis network speakers using edge-to-edge technology. For instance, you can add support for audio and communicate warnings to intruders.

Key features are:

  • 14 MP multisensor with seamless stitching

  • 180° horizontal, 38° vertical coverage

  • AXIS Object Analytics

  • AXIS Edge Vault and TPM module

  • Built-in motors for remote pan/tilt/roll

2N Access Unit M different Versions

2N Access Unit M (02/21)

Access control readers in mullion design

Very narrow design makes these readers ideal for installation on a door frame or to places where there is not enough space, regardless whether it is a brick wall, glass or metal surface. The hardened glass on the front of the unit looks not only elegant but also guarantees resistance to scratches.

High level of protection for server rooms
All servers with sensitive data deserve real protection – cybersecurity as well as physical security. Let the employees identify themselves by an RFID card, PIN code or both. The only thing needed is then the 2N® Access Unit M Touch Keypad & RFID.


Meeting rooms under the control
A project with glazed meeting rooms and access only for authorized employees has a simple solution. 2N Access Unit M can be easily installed on glass surface or metal door frame and allows access in traditional manner, via RFID cards, as well as the trendy way using a smartphone with Bluetooth. Each employee can pick what suit them better.

Key features are:

  • Based purely on IP technology

  • Mullion style mounting

  • Multi-technology readers

  • Remote configuration and management

AXIS I8016-LVE Video Intercom - Doorstat

Streamlined 5 MP outdoor-ready dome for any light

Ideal for surveillance in complete darkness and demanding situations, AXIS I8016-LVE features invisible IR night vision allowing you to clearly identify your visitors - 24/7. It offers 5 MP resolution and a 140°FOV for capturing wider-angle views with more detail.  This robust, outdoor-ready device features high quality audio with echo and noise cancellation to ensure voices are audible regardless of background noise. It offers versatile installation at entrances or unmanned gates where known and/or unknown visitors pass through on a regular basis. And, it can be used to grant access to drivers at warehouses, delivery areas, or loading docks. Furthermore, it can be used as a help point or emergency phone within larger areas such as cities, parks, and university campuses. Key features are:

  • High-quality video and audio

  • Echo and noise cancellation

  • Easy installation with PoE

  • Open interface with IP phone integration, SIP support

  • Outdoor-ready, vandal-resistant IK10-rated

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