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BANDIT®Security Fog

Most Advanced Security Fogging Unit on the Market

The BANDIT Active Security Fog unit enables users and employees to actively protect their asset against burglaries, smash and grabs, robberies as well as attacks without hindering the appearance and operations of the protected facilities.



BANDIT is the fastest security fog barrier on the market with with ejection volume of 1000 cubic feet/second. Intruders are instantly stopped from entering or progressing into the protected area minimizing the risk of damage and loss. Merchandise is protected, incentive is removed.


BANDIT is the highest density security fogging device on the market. The dense and stable fog ejected acts as a shield and prevents access to protected asset and merchandise. The fog is harmless and safe to use in any type of environment or space.


BANDIT's state of the art patented technology is supported by more than 30 years of R&D and improvement. European manufacturing paired with high quality components guarantee an outstanding reliability. Fully integrated, its continuous self-diagnostics reports status changes immediately.


BANDIT offers a very low maintenance and running cost. The unit provides the possibility of multiple ejections without the intervention of a technician The hermetically sealed fog cartridges will last years and the automatic self-cleaning system guarantees optimal performance.



  • Stops criminals from accessing your products and property

  • Reaction time to full speed fog ejection in just 0.1 seconds

  • Leaves NO RESIDUE

  • Trusted by companies all over the world like Brinks, Barclays, BP, and more

  • Reduces the risk of loss by over 95%

  • Features an exceptionally low running cost

  • Protects staff and employees

  • High-end retail locations like jewelry stores and gun shops

  • Cash processing centers like ATMs and financial institutions

  • In-transit asset protection like armored vehicles

  • Institutional and corporate asset protection

  • Pharmaceutical and medical facility protection

  • Critical infrastructure like mining, oil and military sites

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        You can't see it ... you can't steal it!               

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