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Why chooseSanta Cruz Video Security?

... because security matters

2N Certified Installer


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Trust and Honesty

There are companies in the video security business that are trying to sell Hostage as a Service. We may be old school, but we strongly believe in quality, honesty, partnership and trust. So, you don't need to worry about hidden costs – there are no nasty surprises hidden in the fine print – what we promise is exactly what you get. And you will know exactly what you will get when we send our proposal.


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Compatibility with Tomorrow

Our solutions are based on open IP standards. They are high-tech, reliable, scalable, flexible, future proof and easy to use. Furthermore they are highly integrable into

  • Building Management Systems,

  • Security Management Systems,

  • Visitor Management Systems,

  • Home Automation Systems.

That's why with Santa Cruz Video Security you are always one step ahead. Take your chance - contact us now.



Reliability and Quality

"There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey."
(- John Ruskin -)

ITo provide you with the highest level of security, we focus on quality and reliability: We work exclusively with selected premium vendors and solution partners.



Environmentally sustainable development is crucial to the future development of our planet. Santa Cruz Video Security LLC strives to minimize the environmental impact of its own operations, as well as that of its products and solutions. About 90 percent of our network cameras and encoders are PVC-free. 67 percent of all indoor cameras that were launched in 2020 were BFR/CFR-free (brominated / chlorinated flame retardants).

Sustainability and Resposibility



Experience & Know-How

Although we have decades of experience, we place great emphasis on regular education, training and certification. We also attend security trade shows and exchange information to ensure that we have the most up-to-date knowledge - even when it comes to completely new technology. We are always one step ahead and work at the pulse of time. Whatever your challenge, we have the solution. Contact us today and let's talk about your needs and requirements.


5-Year-Warranty For Peace of Mind

5-Year Standard Warranty

A 5-year warranty - at no charge - means you'll enjoy years of trouble-free operation and better control of your total cost of ownership. The increase from the previous 3-year warranty to a 5-year warranty is a result of trust and confidence. No emails, no administration and no registration required. In addition, we offer enhanced Return Material Authorization (RMA) support for defective products within the warranty period for a higher level of guaranteed quality.


Colorful Binders

 Video Security Documentation

 Access Control Documentation

IP Audio - Documentation

 VMS - Documentation

InInstallation Verifier Report

Extensive, Meaningful Documentation

IT documentation is critical to efficient operations. It simplifies troubleshooting, reduces downtime, and promotes collaboration among IT teams. Compliance is simplified, reducing legal and financial risks. Disaster recovery planning becomes more effective with comprehensive records. IT documentation also supports decision-making, ensuring that technology is aligned with business goals. It improves onboarding and training for new staff, streamlining transitions. 



Your Personal Contact 

In cooperation with our renowned partners, we implement your individual security requirements. From the initial idea, through planning, installation and training to support and meaningful documentation, we advise you and ensure a smooth and timely execution. Throughout the entire process, you will have a single point of contact who will take care of all your needs and questions. With a first class full service "from one source", we always guarantee the highest level for your security requirements. Contact us and let us talk.

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