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In 1996, Axis Communications, the industry leader in network video, launched the world’s first network camera, the AXIS Neteye 200. From that moment on, people with an internet connection could watch what was going on from anywhere in the world.​

While old CCTV (analog) cameras still exist, there is a growing industry trend towards replacing analog CCTV with IP surveillance systems. If you want to get many of the benefits of IP without the cost of complete conversion, you can use encoders to integrate your analog cameras into your IP network until you are ready for the full transition.

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC exclusively offers network cameras based on open IP Standards. But what are the benefits of IP network cameras?  

  • Better scalability and integration

  • Better image quality/resolution

  • Improved storage capabilities

  • Improved search capabilities

  • Remote video monitoring 

  • Remote video recording

  • Flexible, cost-effective install.

  • Easier distribution of footage

Along with streaming video footage, IP network cameras can include a number of additional functionalities, such as pan/tilt/zoom operation, motion detection, audio surveillance, integration with alarms and other security systems, automated alerts, intelligent video analytics, and much more. Many IP cameras can also send multiple streams of video, using different compression technologies for live viewing and archiving.

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC offers Axis IP network cameras with a standard 5-year warranty. They are smart, save, innovative, reliable and compatible with tomorrow.

With the huge selection of different network cameras, intercom and access control devices, IP audio and radar devices and our know-how, we ensure the optimal solution for your application. You are welcome to 
contact us to talk with an expert about your requirements and challenges.


Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all. For an overview of IP network cameras we offer, please click here.