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AXIS Communications

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Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. As a network technology company and industry leader, Axis offers solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. They are enhanced by intelligent analytics applications and supported by high-quality training. Axis has arround 4,000 dedicated employees in over 50 countries. Axis was founded in 1984 , has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden and collaborats with thousands of technology and system integration partners. Santa Cruz Video Security LLC is an AXIS AUTHORIZED PARTNER with an AXIS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

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2N sets the trends for access control systems and lift communications. They developed the first IP and LTE intercoms in the world. With their products, we are sure sure that we are offering our customers modern and long-term solutions. 2N has branches in the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and other countries. 2N's distributors are located in 130 countries around the world, so their pre-sales and after-sales support are always close at hand. 2N became part of the Axis family in 2016, adding stability to their rapid development. Santa Cruz Video Security LLC is a 2N Partner with a 2N CERTIFIED INSTALLER.



Siklu was founded with a goal to develop, build and deliver the best mmWave wireless connectivity radios on the planet, bringing high speed Gigabit connectivity to the world.
Siklu brought to the market affordable gigabit capacity for a variety of applications. They created the first mass-produced millimeter wave radio, the EtherHaul™-1200 which is still the most deployed mmWave connectivity solution in the world. When it comes to reliable, highspeed wireless connections contact us. We are



The BANDIT Active Security Fog unit enables employees and users to actively protect their asset against burglaries, smash and grabs, robberies as well as attacks without hindering the appearance and operations of the protected facilities.It is the fastest security fogging system of its kind in the world. BANDIT is highlighting the crime prevention credentials of their BANDIT Fogging System as a proven 24/7 deterrent and defence mechanism against both burglaries and robberies. Confidence in the Fog BANDIT, knowing that the system will work instantly when required, has helped empower staff to protect themselves and their businesses by creating an element of control in an otherwise control-less and shocking encounter.


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Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use HID products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through HID’s technology. HID works with governments, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and some of the most innovative companies on the planet - helping them to create trusted physical and digital environments so that they and the people who use them can fulfill their potential.


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Since introducing their second generation camera poles, the SteadyMax Series, STRONGPOLES is now manufacturing the most rigid poles in the world. These security camera poles and Light Poles are designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles. If you need a tall non-vibrant camera pole, Santa Cruz Video Security LLC recommends STRONGPOLES.


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Raytec is the world leader in LED lighting for security and safety. Raytec provides a range of LED illuminators to create a safer global environment whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting. Founded in 2005 Raytec has two offices, located in Northumberland, UK and Ottawa, Canada. All Raytec products are designed and manufactured in-house, in the UK. Raytec products are distributed to over 70 countries world-wide and have been installed from the Arctic Circle to the Jungles of Borneo.

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