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Access Control

Today, intercoms and access control systems are an integral part of every company's security concept. Depending on the type of operation, access control systems offer general object protection or differentiated protection of company areas. The identification of persons, allocation of individual access authorization and presence control of employees is becoming increasingly important for every company. With our end-to-end solutions you can pull up video footage associated to door events without switching back and forth between software platforms. 

Access control from Axis can be optimized for any need, small as well as large. This sets it apart from traditional solutions, which are often dimensioned for systems with many doors. Our AXIS Entry Manager software is specifically for small to medium-sized needs, making it fast and easy to set up the perfect solution. For systems involving a large number of doors or highly complex access rules, software from Axis partners enables cutting-edge enterprise solutions. Either way, you can expand your system economically and step-by-step, growing quickly and easily as needed.