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IP based
Audio Solutions

IP Audio, also known as Audio over IP (AoIP), is a technology that enables the distribution of digital audio signals over a network infrastructure.


Advantages of IP Audio:

  1. Flexibility: IP Audio offers flexibility in routing and distribution of audio signals. It enables users to route audio signals to multiple destinations simultaneously without the need for dedicated point-to-point connections.

  2. Scalability: IP Audio allows users to easily scale their audio system by adding or removing devices from the network. It is easy to integrate new devices into the system and make changes to the configuration without the need for significant rewiring or infrastructure upgrades.

  3. Cost-Effective: IP Audio can be a cost-effective solution for audio distribution, as it eliminates the need for dedicated audio cabling, reducing installation costs. Additionally, it can reduce ongoing maintenance costs as it requires less physical infrastructure.

  4. High-Quality Audio: IP Audio offers high-quality audio signals, with little or no signal loss, noise or distortion. It provides better audio quality than traditional analog audio systems.

  5. Remote Accessibility: IP Audio enables remote accessibility, allowing users to control and access audio signals from any location with internet connectivity.

  6. Integration with other systems: IP Audio can be easily integrated with other networked systems such as digital signage, public address systems, and video surveillance systems.

Overall, IP Audio offers a flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and high-quality solution for audio distribution, with remote accessibility and easy integration with other systems.

With our network audio system we make a great difference. Looking at one of our network audio speakers you might think it is just a speaker. But it is not. It is a complete audio system with everything build in. The amplifier is built in as well as a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which ensures the audio quality so that the voice messages are always clearly heard. Even a microphone for remote health monitoring is built in, so you know your speaker in the system is working. Furthermore with the microphone you can listen into the scene in case of an incident.


The whole system can be updated and configured remotely. Even if there is a failure, you will know about where the problem is and you know it remotely. In 100V, analog speaker systems you need to go onsite and test every single speaker.

Audio - Applications

Santa Cruz Video Security's network speakers can be

With our network audio solution you do not need a technical room with all the audio equipment you had before. Less space is required and the speakers can easily be integrated in your existing standard network infrastructure without the need to invest in a dedicated audio cable infrastructure. Using POE (Power over Ethernet) means, you don't even need a separate power cable. This makes our network audio system extremely flexibel and scalable. 

Audio - analog vs. IP

Another advantage: The speakers also have built-in software so you can schedule background music or prerecorded announcements for advertising, COVID-19 regulations or special offers. Of course you can also make live announcements or a camera event can automatically trigger a message (i.e. if the line is too long and you want an additional cashier to be opened or if the emergency exit is blocked). The speakers automatically prioritizes announcements. So the music mutes if there is any kind of announcement. With the built-in speaker management software you can also create single or multiple zones to make sure your message or music is heard where it is meant to be.

Should you have questions about how to integrate with an existing analog speaker system, just contact us.

For an overview of IP network audio devices we offer, please click here.

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