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IP based
Video Security

The best in network video

As a "Certified Professional" of Axis Communications, world leader in IP network cameras, we can offer the full range of video security. From small, affordable to complex high-end solutions with thermal cameras and radar detection.

IP based
Radar Detection

Radar on the radar

Our Security Radar is a smart, network-based device that uses advanced radar technology to offer you 180° area protection 24/7 and a low false alarm rate. Featuring built-in analytics, it's ideal in a variety of outdoor installations.

IT Infrastructure
CAT, Fiber, Wireless


Whether hotspot solutions, connection of two buildings or locations, or WiFi for your offices or production halls: we have been successfully offering wireless solutions for more than 20 years. Now as 60/70/80mm microwave with high-speed of up to 10Gbit.

IP based 
Access Control

Wavekey Changes Mobile Access

Whatever your needs, and no matter the size of your system, we offer Axis and 2N access control solutions that suit your requirements - from the most basic access control management software and hardware to more advanced and integrated options.

IP based 
Video Management System

AXIS Camera Station

Our VMS is a video/access management software for a wide range of businesses: Hotels, schools, retail stores, manufacturing industries, are just some businesses that enjoy full control and protection and can quickly take care of incidents.

End-to-End Security Solutions

security dashboard

End-to-end means you'll get a complete security system tailored and validated to your specific needs, all from Axis. From the VMS (Video Management System) to all connected devices such as cameras, speakers, access control products, intercoms.

IP based
Audio Solutions


Whether you want to improve security on your premises with direct callouts or event-triggered messages, or you want to manage background music and announcements in your stores, or you need a public address system - you can have it all in one.

IP based
Body Worn Solution 

Body Worn Camera 1

Our Body worn solutions capture valuable evidence. And they’re an effective way to deter bad behavior and positively influence actions. And of course, Axis body worn solutions give you superior image quality and video that holds up in court.

Our Services

  • Consulting

  • Planning

  • Support

  • Integration

  • Installation

  • Documentation

  • Training

  • Maintenance

Turnkey Solutions
Compatible With Tomorrow

  • IP Video Security, IP Access Control

  • IP Audio, IP Lighting and IP Radar Integration

  • For all Sectors: Industrial, Commercial, State, Residential, MDUs, Gated Communities

  • Based on Open Standards

  • Solid, Reliable, Scalable, Smart

  • 5-year Warranty for Peace of Mind


“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

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Ready to find out more?

2N Certified Installer

If you have any questions about video security, access control, audio integration, lighting, radar detection or our end-to-end solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to develop professional solutions for your specific needs and requirements. Contact us and let us know what your challenges are.

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