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End-to-End Solutions

It is the combination and integration of individual parts that brings real value, rather than any single element itself.


In many ways, implementing a cost-effective physical security solution is a long-term play. Beyond the upfront price, which can be high for enterprise deployments, organizations must consider the hidden costs that add up over time.


Significant as they are, the expenses that ultimately create a high total cost of ownership (TCO) aren’t always communicated, anticipated, or even immediately apparent.

For many enterprise-scale alarm systems, the initial investment and surface-level cost are only the tip of the iceberg. The last thing you want is to discover down the road that the total cost of maintenance and poor usability are hampering the long-term scalability of a solution. Unfortunately, this is more often than not the case.


Let’s be frank: the initial investment for premium systems is considerable. However, these systems don’t surprise you down the road with any hidden costs described above. In the long run, their cost-effectiveness and scalability allow organizations to reduce ownership costs. Security teams and their organizations can rest easy knowing that security technology and 24/7 professional monitoring can help to protect their people and assets.

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